About the company

Our structures have many different uses and are widely used for industrial purposes, storage, sports and events. We offer aluminium framed structures with gable roofs in standard widths ranging from 10 - 40 metres or with hipped roofs ranging from 15 – 40 metres wide. These are our standard widths but we offer a bespoke service and will always do our utmost to fulfil customer requirements.
The frames themselves are made from rectangular box aluminium profiles with steel connectors and for added strength, we also use a steel-cable bracing system. They are available with a variety of sides, including PVC fabric, single skin steel or insulated sandwich panels. The structures are all modular which means they can be increased in length at any time or as your business grows.
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Design and Technology

We have our own design department. Every product is manufactured using an individually drawn design. Every structure’s strength and performance is calculated and verified by our designers. For each order placed, the customer is provided with all technical documentation necessary to prepare their project. Based on many years of experience, we have developed and optimised our standard structure dimensions so that a short lead time and a very low development cost per metre can be achieved.